Different SEO Techniques and Approaches for the Year 2017

In the results of Google’s search algorithms; it is the wish of everybody to get a high click and good rating. Talking in general, it is accepted that Google recognizes the industry that involves approx 200 ranking factors for making the ranking of websites better, these ranking factors includes; proven, controversial and purely nerd-based conjecture, it could be hard to know which factors require consideration and which factor, not in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

Mobile applications and information technology have converted the world into a global village. Future planning cannot be successful without critical analysis of the past. Unlike other things every year, the search engine undergoes different forecasts and debates on its new course for the coming year 2017. Mainly focusing on the website optimization to offer better user experience, in this regard using old and out fashioned methods for SEO will result in loss of high rank and ultimately exit from the online web industry.

Google is one of the largest search engines of the world that kept on changing its SEO algorithm in 2016 for a great number of users. In this connection for the following year 2017; SEO’s should consider some effective SEO techniques to be in the stable position.

Easy Format of content on Webpage

The research has shown that the WebPages with easy to understand language has more engagement rate from the users since it makes it simple to read and nice appearance. It can be done by using small paragraph, bullets points, headings, and sub-headings.


Wisdom, education, and ideas are being conveyed to the user in a most convenient way through images. Good quality of photographs attracts the user to visit the desired web sites. People tend to stay more on the web content that contains high-quality images.

Voice Search

Voice search has seen a great increase of user engagement; with 50% of teens and 41% of adults using it daily. It has a traffic-attracting capability via featured snippets, that is, summary solutions acting in a unique block in seek consequences.

Since the snippet also consists of a hyperlink to the website from where it changed into retrieved, it presents a greater visibility on your brand or site and featured snippets are more frequently again for voice search in preference to textual content-queries. Therefore, based totally on the above considerations, optimizing for voice search opens new avenues for branding.

Link Building

By using Google rolling out penguin in 2016, spammy link constructing practices and buying links to enhance rankings were reducing. Instead, actual links (regularly referenced as “earned links”) have come to be the handiest ones applicable to rankings. In 2017, actual link building will maintain to have a high fee in phrases of ranking a website and links from relevant and authority websites could be the most powerful to reinforce SERP (search engine research page).

However, neighbourhood hyperlinks may also be applicable to nearby see, where neighbourhood relevancy may trump authority hyperlinks. Consequently, getting a hyperlink from a low authority website that is distinctly applicable to your local vicinity can also have importance in terms of seeing.


As protection is singled out as one of the top priorities of Google, their using https as a rating sign comes as no marvel. The year 2017 will see an extra focused cognizance on safety and websites failing to provide a cozy environment will possibly lag in the back of in search consequences. Increase your SERP rankings this year via switching to https if you haven’t already accomplished that.

After grasping the complete picture of the improving SEO techniques for 2017, it is evident from the above elucidation that focusing on the footsteps of Google search engine can create a vital user experience to get aboard with 2017.

These techniques are useful for those who are new and want to develop the image of their organization. If you want to hire someone for the optimization of your website, check Found.com.pk, it’s a trustworthy firm that can optimize your WebPages.

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