Top 20 expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

All about the Ad Words and the top 20 expensive keywords

Have you ever wondered that how Google is able to make such large amounts of the profit every year? AdWords is the secret behind the huge profits that Google earns. The advertisers pay the fee to Google every time when an ad is clicked according to Search Engine Watch.

What is AdWords?

AdWords is the online advertising service of Google that allows the different advertisers to make the bid for the keywords they want to use. The keywords are paired with the ads. Google provides the keywords from the account that it considers to be the most relevant along the maximum bid provided for the ad.

How Google uses the AdWords?

According to WordStream Google makes the use of the two main factors to consider the rank of the ads. These include the maximum bid and the quality score. A large portion of the Google’s profit come from the advertising through the AdWords.  Mostly the high costs per click keywords are those that are searched in the highest volumes. Google earns a lot from these high CPC keywords. The AdWords system of Google is its cash cow that enables it to earn billion of dollars from the different advertisers. How is it possible? Well, it is because of the search engine users who click on the different advertisements for the variety of the keywords.

Most Expensive keywords

In its store; Google has a large variety of the keywords but all keywords are not equal; as the CPC ranges from a few pennies to the hundreds of the dollars. So there must be the most expensive and the least expensive keywords. Are you curious about the most expensive keywords? We were also, and this led us to do a detailed research.  Below is the illustration of the top 20 expensive keywords in the form of the infographic according to WordStream.  With the help of WordStream we were able to get the list of the top 20 keywords on Google and we were surprised to see that how frequently people make the use of these keywords as these are the most searched keywords.

#1 Insurance $ 54.91 (According to WordStream, the most searched keyword is Insurance; such keywords included the keywords like auto insurance price quotes and buy car insurance online).

#2 Loans $ 44.28

#3 Mortgage $ 47.12

#4 Attorney $ 47.07

#5 Credit $ 36.06

#6 Lawyer $ 42.51

#7 Donate $ $42.02

#8 Degree $40.61

#9 Hosting $31.91

#10 Claim $45.51

#11 Conference Call $42.05

#12 Trading $33.19

#13 Software $35.29

#14 Recovery $42.03

#15 Transfer $29.86

#16 Gas/electricity $54.62

#17 Classes $35.04

#18 Rehab $33.59

#19 Treatment $37.18

#20 Cord Blood $27.80

How businesses use the AdWords?

A variety of the businesses make the use of the Google AdWords and this increases the profitability of Google. Google has a lot of keywords available but the cost for the different keywords vary and it depends on the various factors. The cost of the keywords depends on the potential revenue that it can generate and the relevancy of the keyword; as the relevant keywords are more likely to generate the revenues. For example, many of the law firms are seen to be ready to pay the higher costs that are related to the different injury and accident claims. Keywords that are based on the location have a strong competition and this allows to increase the rates of such keywords.  So the location sensitive keywords are expensive; for instance the keyword, like, “auto insurance in Texas”. Specifying the keywords with the location will allow influencing the customers more, and they are likely to provide the revenue-generating opportunities to the different businesses. In the US the average CPC about the AdWords lies between $1 to $2. In the extra competitive environment, the clicks can be paid much higher.

Let’s review:

  1. AdWords is amazing for the advertisers as it allows them to compete with each other for the keywords of their choice.
  2. AdWords is considered to be the cash cow for the Google.
  3. AdWords works by using the auction system that allows the different businesses to place their ads having the lower costs and the effective advertisement campaigns.
  4. Maximum bid and the quality score are the two main factors that Google considers.
  5. More highly valued keywords are those that are frequently searched and have the potential to bring a large amount of the revenues, for instance, the location specified keywords.

Well, that was the short overview for the AdWords that might allow you to know the basic information that what is AdWords and how it works. Well, you have never thought that a click can be so expensive and the different advertisers make the bids to get the click from the people, but that’s how it works!

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