The Rising Importance of Instagram: Hashtags, Stories, and Photos

The Instagram is making a boom in the world of social media marketing. The market has become commercially saturated which has further enhanced the competition in terms of marketing. The social media landscape continues to evolve, and with the changes taken place, it has become integral for businesses to craft their way out to success. Instagram has been a game-changing platform for businesses. The platform slowly gained momentum and has further progressed because of its advanced potential reach across the globe. The real game is not the presence on the Instagram but making most of its algorithm and elevating the success probability of the business. If you lack the eagle eye on it, all your social marketing strategies are going to backfire. To save your day and perhaps provide safety to your brand, we have created a guide to help you ace your way to the top.

Q1: How to use Instagram exploit Instagram hashtags for brand growth?

Hashtags can be categorized as the lifeblood of the social media today. The use of hashtags has advanced so much that it has become a common phrase in the everyday conversations such as #funny, #dontcare and more. Businesses today are making use of the Instagram to connect with their target market and make their presence on the Instagram solid. The analytics of Instagram have advanced the business presence and made it the growth of easier as compare to previous times.

  • Expand its number following

Businesses are using the Instagram hashtags for connecting to the potential customer. These hashtags have made a huge difference in how the businesses operated. The strategies are crafted according to the hashtags such as the locations hashtags inclusive in the story allow the business page to appear in the separate location story. The same applies to the hashtags stickers expanding the reach of the business and also improving its follower’s list.

  • For discovery

The use of hashtags in the stories and post alike has assisted the businesses in augmenting the business growth. The hashtags are used in stories to let the user know where the store is located. It also aids the company to classify the content according to the content so that user can use these hashtags for discovering the products they seek.

  • For engaging user

The hashtags are being exploited by the businesses for engaging the audience. For instance, certain hashtags are created particularly for a certain product line or for a certain campaign to assist the users to quickly assess the information on it, for instant, #metoo movement. to engage the audience and the community such tactics are applied, which are easily and highly effective.

Q2: How to take photos for Instagram?

Irrespective of the business size, Instagram as a social media platform can be used for elevating the business progress by making most of the photos uploaded.

  • Use natural light

No matter how many lights you get to install, nothing can beat the natural lightening effect in the picture. The sun-kissed pictures have their own unique essence and charm which makes the subject pop out. The perfect and prime time to capture picture is in the early morning, late afternoon or cloudy days. Business can make use of this time, for capturing its product picture to make it look more appealing.

  • Grid feature

The grid feature in Instagram has taken the picture game to the next level. With the integration of grid in Instagram, various compositions from the midpoint can be created and best can be selected to draw the user’s attention to the business offering.

  • Lines and Shapes

Instagram images can be made more sterling by making use of the fine lines and strong shapes. This can only be done by using the photo for the creation of an emotion. Looming the pictures and capturing such angles which drive the user for the desired action, helps the business expand its customer base.

  • Different angles

Perspective plays a great role in making the picture stand out. A simple object can be made extremely appealing if the photo is captured from an outstanding angle. The businesses are now more inclined towards capturing photos in interesting angles to intrigue the customer and bring them to engage in with it.

  • Keep Simple Edits

Gone are the days when editing ruled the picture world. Instagram pictures today are more centralized on keeping its simplicity alive. Heavy editing kills the spark of the raw picture which is why businesses are crafting a strategy to use it for their own benefit.

Q3: How to use Instagram stories?

The Instagram stories are similar to its rival social media platform i.e. Snapchat. It introduced it in late 2016, to allow users to share their everyday ventures with their followers. The stories are visible for 24hours after which they get vanished. The pictures, however, are not deleted but instead save in your Instagram archives. The pictures in the story are visible for 5seconds whereas the video is present for 15 seconds. Instagram Stories are inclusive of the creative tools which let the user apply filters, draw freehand things, add text or stickers, GIFs, and much more. Another fun part of the Instagram Stories is that it has a boomerang in it. The short snippets made and its constant repeat makes its fun and exciting.

  • Stories Highlights

Highlighting of the stories is the feature which is being utilized by the brands across the world for showcasing their offered products and services. It provides business the opportunity to be innovative with their promotional tactics, drive the traffic, and market their business in the most efficient way possible. Through it, we can easily deliver how to use the product, how the business operates, and what makes it unique. You can also categorize it as a new way of advertisement.

  • Content in stories

The content which is inclusive in the stories also elevate the growth prospects of the business. The content performance can be tracked by the business through the like, comments and clicks generated. This also provides us with insights on how to further devise the craft and optimize it for more engagement. Many digital marketing agencies in Pakistan are now contacting bloggers for the creation of the content for promoting their products in the region.

  • Live Video

Behold the most effective tool on Instagram for reaching and engaging the maximum number of users. Live video integration has allowed the businesses to provide the user with the insights of the product such as its tutorial on using, answering their product related questions, and reaching out to new and potential clients. Through it, the businesses further get featured on the explore pages expanding business reach across the world. The live videos appear at the top of the explore page based on the business location. Therefore, doing this we can improve the engagement, views, and database of the customers on the page, leveraging the business success prospects


The digital marketing agency can make most of the opportunities provided by the Instagram to become the next big thing in the market. It serves as a blank canvas, where brands can paint their message by assimilating the innovative thinking, unique designs and out of the box strategies to spark the curiosity in the users and keep them intrigue towards it. Articulate your true potential within and beyond the screens with Instagram as a prime marketing tool.



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