7 SEO trends that will be ruling this year

New Year always brings something new for the digital marketing. So the year 2017 has also come up with some different SEO trends. Though SEO got many important things that would continue to work, but with the new trends you are needed to shift your focus; not completely, but you are needed to consider the importance of the new trends.

Let’s see what 2017 has got for us, how the different companies are needed to reshape their strategies? Do they really need to bring the diversification in the traffic sources to make it the part of the holistic approach? There are many things that you must consider for your SEO strategy to stay in the competition.

#1 Dense content will be ruling

According to Forbes, dense content will be ruling out this year. People usually feel it bore to read the same story again and again. The content marketing strategy that was used earlier was mainly focused on the bite-sized content but in the few years it has been seen that the long form of content is ruling; well the long form actually does not mean the repetition. It’s about covering the story comprehensively. Try to provide the content having much information in the available space that should appeal the readers rather than just making them bored. So the long form of dense content will be the king.

#2 Voice searches will be increasing

Voice searches aren’t new but they will be becoming popular. Consumers will be using the voice searches more than the text-based searches. This will be having the impact on the keyword optimization definitely. This will not only be changing the keyword strategy but also demands the content to be more personalized.

#3 Focus on the customer-first strategy

Make your content and SEO team a single team to just focus on the customer-first strategy. Content that is written superbly but still it cannot be found; is not really that superb. Also, the content that is in the ranking, but, it is completely off the track is also not good. So don’t just write the content for SEO, make it smart, creative and optimized that brings the ROI. When you will be combining your teams, then, as a single unit they will be working better.

#4 Increased mobile searches

Mobile usage has increased and it will continue to grow in the future. So the traffic is being distributed among the mobile and the desktop. There are many websites that receive a lot of traffic from the different mobile devices. Also in 2015, Google reported that the mobile searches have left behind the desktop searches and after that, many companies focused on making their websites mobile-friendly. This trend will also grow this year.

#5 Links will continue to remain in the game

Links will be still playing an important role in the ranking. Don’t become worried about how to get the links. Make the content so effective that you get it shared and you won’t need to ask someone for the links. Infographics are performing better as compared to the typical blog posts, so you can make the use of Infographics.

#6 Speed

Your content should be effective in terms of usability and the most important thing is the speed. If the users will find your website time consuming, they will be leaving it. You are needed to meet the expectation of the users by providing them highly informative content that is present on the interactive website. If your content will be useful for the readers then they will not mind waiting. Search engines also rank the websites in terms of usability and speed of the site.


#7 HTTPs will be necessary

HTTPS will become essential. In 2016 it was optional to use the HTTPs despite its usage by the different innovators. But in 2017, it will be considered as the standard for the good websites. HTTPS are secure and also they play an important role in bringing the improvement in the ranking. Any website that will not follow it, will eventually leave behind in the organic search.

Focus on your SEO strategy and focus on the needs of your customers. Engage them through your content; give them the reasons to spend time on your website. SEO is not just about the keywords only; though, you cannot take out the keywords completely. It is very important to consider the different trends, consider each and every detail and make yourself prepared for the tough competition. Keep an eye on your competitors and get an effective strategy for optimizing your website.

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