Tips to improve SEO for your website

Some Tips to improve SEO by increasing the usability of your website

SEO, definitely by listening to this term the first thought that comes into your mind is about the traffic that boosts the ranking of the website. When it comes to the rankings then many people think that they must play with the keywords, and invest a large amount of their time on the keywords. If you are giving enough time to optimize your keywords but you are not getting the desired results then you are needed to pay attention towards the other factors that are also important for the ranking. Remember that the search engines focus on the other things also. So you are needed to work out, make the use of the good practices and go for a proper strategy. It’s not just about the traffic; the duration that your visitors stay on your website; the number of pages they check, the inbound links and the outbound links etc also matters.

Keywords are important but user-friendly websites are also the requirement that allows making your website friendlier. Thus it increases the chances that the people would not only visit your website but also they will be using it to meet their requirements. So in this way the other factors such as the number of the pages visited, the time period of the stay on the website are increased. So in this article, the basic focus is on the improvement of the usability of website to bring the betterment in the SEO ranking.

Website usability

The website usability plays a very important role for the effective SEO. The infographic below describes the main components of the usability of the website and it is taken from


There are five things related to the website usability that can be affecting the ranking of your website:


It is about whether the users can attain the objectives when they visit the website means they must be able to get the information or they are capable of getting the important information related to your company.


When your website is effective then it adds to the efficiency of your website. If the visitors won’t be able to find the effectiveness and the efficiency of your website then they will quickly leave your website and this will have the negative impact on the ranking of your website


It is about whether the learners are capable to quickly use your website, whether there are call-to-actions that provide them with the ease to interact with you. When the visitors find it difficult to access the information or don’t know how to use the information properly then in such a condition they won’t like to visit such websites again.


It means the users can easily find your website again in the future if they make the search. The repeated traffic would make it easier for you to boost your rankings. So give the visitors a number of reasons to find you again and use your website again.

Prevent the errors

There are different errors that can affect your SEO ranking. The most common error that is seen is the 404 Page not found error that does not display anything to the visitors.

How is usability important for SEO ranking?

As we have mentioned above that keywords are important for the SEO but on the hand, Google also likes the websites that provide a user-friendly experience to their visitors. There are 9 important elements that increase the usability and the SEO ranking both at the same time.

#1 Quality website content

It is needed that you must provide the relevant and the informative content to your readers. Generally, the length of the content is not seen to be the matter but nobody will be reading the content if it is too boring, dull or irrelevant. Make the use of keywords intelligently, include the outbound links and give people the reason to stick to your website.

#2 Page loading speed

Search engines consider the page-loading speed and then rank the different websites. You must make your website user-friendly by using the caching plug-ins. If it will be taking too long to load every page of your site then it will be damaging the ranking of your website.

#3 Image Optimization

Make it sure that you have optimized your images as it can increase the visitor’s experience without increasing the loading time so that it will not have the negative impact on your SEO. You can also use the relevant keywords for your image files, for the title, caption and description

#4 Proper use of header tags

Use the proper formatting for your content so that people will like to read it and will spend much time on reading it. The proper use of the header tags can help you out to divide your content into different sections.

Tip: Search engines also take the keywords present in the headers so you can easily make the proper use of the keywords in your headers as this will be helping you out to improve your SEO ranking.

#5 Outbound links

Linking the different well-reputed sites can be useful as it will be increasing the trust of the readers on the websites.

Tip: Too much use of the different outbound links will be diverting the attention of the readers so use these wisely

#6 Use of multimedia

What is appealing to the eyes always catch the attention of the people. So make the use of the HD images, high-quality videos, audio and the slideshows to make your website appealing. Increasing the interactivity of the websites allow engaging the people thus helping to boost your SEO ranking. Video marketing is considered to be among the important trends of SEO nowadays.

#7 Social sharing

Social media can be helpful in supporting the SEO ranking of your website. Install the different social media buttons on your website. Generally, people who like the different things on the Facebook, they share it and are also willing to use the different products by considering the number of the likes and the shares.

#8 Mobile optimization

Google has developed the mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21st, 2015 that is designed to boost the rankings of the mobile-friendly sites. So if your website is mobile friendly then you will be getting the chances to increase your rankings. Nowadays people are seen to be using their mobile phones to know about the products and the services of the different businesses and want to make their order online. So it will be fruitful to you if you make your website mobile friendly.

#9 Provide contact information and call-to-action buttons

Make your websites trustworthy by providing the contact information. Besides that, you can make the use of the different call-to-action buttons that will be making it easier for the potential customers to contact you if they want.

There are about more than 200 different factors that are involved in the determination of the rankings. In this post, we have talked about the important usability factors that can be helpful for your rankings. So make these important factors as the part of your strategy and increase the chances of being loved by the search engines.

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