It’s the time to say goodbye to these 17 SEO myths

SEO has changed itself remarkably during the last few years; well this is what we frequently hear. This is true, SEO trends keep on changing but there are many misconceptions that have made their position strong. We are writing this post to burst the bubble of misconceptions about SEO. These misconceptions can affect your SEO strategy and it is might possible that you are not able to get the desired results because of these. So this is the time to say goodbye to these myths; are you ready for that?

#1 Older domain is better

This is not necessary as there are the sites that are small and relatively new; but still, they are seen to be doing well as they have got the highly related back links.

#2 If you move to a new domain it will be affecting your site’s ranking negatively

This won’t have the long-term negative effect on the ranking of your website, if you follow the proper instructions of Google. Get help from the proper documentation of the Webmaster Tools Help Center whenever you are moving to a domain that is new.

#3 Meta description and search rankings

Meta description is important as their preview is shown in the Google search; so it is considered that they play an important role in the website ranking. But it is not so much true. As in 2009, Google announced that meta description is not much important and its main purpose is to attract the people to convince them to visit a particular site. Though they do not affect the ranking but they are important to get the attention of the people.

#4 H1 tags and SEO

Well, H1 tags and SEO rankings are not so much related to each other. Though you are needed to write the attractive H1 headings but remember that these are working for the accessibility of the website so they don’t have the direct impact on the rankings.

#5 Length of content

Another myth is the length of the content. Many people consider that the lengthy content is seen to be working whereas some people say that your content should not be so lengthy. The story behind the length of the content is; it needs to be highly attractive and unique. Sometimes few lines are enough to get easily liked by the people and sometimes people need the detailed and highly informative content. So it’s all about the quality so just focus on the quality rather than the quantity.

#6 Homepage content needs to be long

Another misconception is about the homepage content. People think that the homepage should be long to provide the enough information to the people but it doesn’t mean that you always need to write long content for the homepage. There are the sites that are doing well having the short but highly attractive homepage; so all you need is to engage the people.

#7 Link building is no more

Links are still in and backlinks are considered to be remaining the important factor in the determination of the Google rankings.

#8 Subdomain for the blog is not good for SEO

This is not true at all! There are many websites that are seen to receiving the traffic from the organic search.

#9 Guest posting is gone

Guest posts that are spammed or of the low-quality are not in, but a quality guest post will surely provide you with the strong link-building.

#10 Being #1 is all you need

Everybody wants to be number one. Sometimes you need the great resources for attaining the second or third position; it does not mean that you are needed to keep pushing for a single keyword. You can also work on the long-tail keywords that will be bringing you higher ROIs. So, if you are landing at the second or the third spot; you can still increase ROIs.

#11 For every website you need to focus on a single SEO technique

If you think that you must formulate a single strategy for every website then my dear you are wrong. Every industry has its own needs so make your SEO strategy accordingly.

#12 Small businesses don’t need SEO

People running the small businesses think that SEO won’t be bringing much difference for their brand. But SEO is the cost effective marketing strategy for you if you own a small business. Just focus on the organic SEO and that’s it!

#13 First create the website and then think about SEO

You can work on the On-page optimization on the same time you create your website. Google will slowly move your website once it is live.

#14 You need the videos only

Videos are needed, but you are also needed to focus on the non-video content also as the visual and text content together makes a good combination so rather than just focusing on the videos consider the other aspects of them for the better results.

#15 Bold keywords and the rankings

Bold keywords are only used to provide a better experience to the users.

#16 Google+ has nothing to do with SEO

Google+ is attaining the rapid growth. It is the good platform to make your posts visible. Google usually places the Google+ results above the normal search engine results page.

#17 SEO companies guarantee for the result

There are above 200 ranking factors that influence the position of your website and therefore no company can guarantee 100% results for a particular keyword, though they can bring good results due to their experts.

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