Social media marketing – What is new in 2017?

Social media marketing is complicated. This method is different from the other types of the marketing as it needs to shift the different trends of the consumers, keeping the updates related to the different social media platforms along the knowledge that how can they use the customer interaction to boost their business. Social media is the powerful marketing channel and due to the importance of this channel, different businesses give the special attention towards it.

If you want to engage your customers and bring high ROIs using the social media, the most important thing is to know your potential customers and to respond them. This is somehow not the latest trend but still, it is the golden rule of the marketing, when it comes to the social media then you are needed to apply this basic rule first. Below we have discussed some tips that how you can make your social media marketing strategy more effective this year; follow the latest trends and that’s it. So let’s have a look on some of them:

Live videos

You know what?  Just like the year 2016; you can still make the use of the live videos this year. Initially, YouTube was associated with the videos but as the time has passed and the potential of the live videos is realized then different social media are seen to be offering the features that enable people to share the live videos. Twitter’s Periscope that allowed sharing the live streaming videos or the Facebook live, and Instagram’s live video; all these platforms can be a good option for you; so just like 2016 use the live videos as this will be still effective this year. Engage your customers with the live Q&A sessions through the live videos.


CRM is now considered to be the part of marketing. The better you deal with your customers the better will be the chances that people will be talking about your company; suggesting your products to others; simply the better word of mouth. Companies that do not give much importance to CRM; they are needed to pay for that in the form of losing the existing or the potential customers.



Instagram is another important platform for the social media marketing; owned by Facebook; this platform will be providing a number of opportunities for the different brands that will be allowing them to achieve their goals. You must not underestimate its potential as it will allow you to attain your objectives that will be boosting your business ultimately. Instagram when compared with the Snapchat; has the large audience than Snapchat. It allows targeting the Facebook users; also that means that it can target the bigger audience than Twitter. It allows letting the users post videos and the photos along the short-lived stories so people can easily share these stories with their friends.




You can use the chatbots to communicate with the customers, for instance, answering to the FAQs related to the different products. This will not only allow you to answer the different questions but also it will be reducing the response time due to which it will be easier to communicate with your customers in an effective way. This can allow you to engage with the audience that does not wish to communicate through the emails or the different apps. So chatbots seem to be the good option for the fast communication.

Social media and E-commerce

Social media can allow the users to make the purchases from the different apps directly. A survey conducted has indicated that about 56% of the consumers are those who follow the different brands on the social media to keep themselves updated about the different brands. Besides that people also use social media to buy the different products online. You can use this thing as the part of your social media strategy. Share the different ideas of the products and encourage the people to buy the different things online instead of just simply posting a picture with the order now call-to-action.


Move Away from Automation

Besides the chatbots focus on using fewer automation tools and switch to the other management tools. Consider the difference between the efficiency and autopilot. Brands that have used the automated tools are seen to be making the blunders. Automation is not humanistic and consumers generally want the real interactions with the humans; therefore, except the chatbots, you must not focus on the other social media automation tools.

These were some of the social media marketing trends for the year 2017; so you are needed to make them as the part of your social media marketing strategy to get the better results this year.

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