Ways To Increase Web Conversions And Reduce Bounce Rate

The things that brought you here is might be either you are struggling to increase traffic to the website or you are a neophyte and want to learn more because of the drive for online domination. Most of the businesses are developing strategies that increase the web conversion and reduces their bounce rate. If you are a neophyte you might be sceptical of what you are reading. So before I get to delve into the ways of improving and reducing lets first understand what these are. Web conversions are the desired action that you want your user to do i.e. users who make a purchase through the website and a bounce rate is basically the percentage of people who land on your site and leave without viewing any other page. Reducing the bounce rate helps is increasing the web conversions. Since you are all geared up on the basic let’s discuss how to improve your user experience to make it not only easy but pleasing too through these:

  • Landing pages

The more landing pages are integrated into the website, the more user interacted it becomes. According to a research, it has also been confirmed that a company that possesses 40+ landing pages have the greater rate of conversion as compared to companies that have 4 to 5 landing pages. So get your website some more landing pages to increase web conversions.

  • Live Chat

One important tool to reduce bounce rate and increase web conversion is to integrate live chat on our website. It visitor can ask questions and get their query answered. It provides guided tour to the website and makes navigation easy for the user. When we are live on our website, it is noticed that 10 to 50% of the website visitor engage with us. It assists users to make buying decisions while they are on the website. Most of the customers search for live chat option in the contact information to get the standard service question answered. Introducing proactive greeting on your website also increases web conversions.

  • Content

The power of content cannot be subsided in the online-driven markets. The content plays a key role in persuading your user to make a purchase. It should be well-written in an innovative style that keeps the user engaged and compel him to make a purchase. The businesses need to infuse their content with the links to other pages of the website to increase web conversion. The business website are now incorporating that complements product, provide more information, testimonial and glowing reviews to build credibility. The website should be made secure and present safety seals. This keeps the prospect customer engaged for a long time resulting in better web conversions and less bounce rate. Also, introducing content that is closer to what the user is looking for in the first place further helps to reduce bounce rate. Mostly this content is placed on the sidebar or foot of the article. Give key consideration to your grammar and sentence structure while writing content as it thwarts the success.

  • Enhance your site speed

One of the factors that make a website more easy and accessible is the speed factor. It is one of the crucial factors that affect the ranking; if pages speed is low it can result in high bounce rate and reduces web conversion as users switch to other sites because of the time consumption. It is a known fact that people are going to leave if a page takes more than 4 seconds to load. Sometimes “less is more”   therefore keeping website speed low is what is favourable for web conversion and reduction of bounce rate. The speed can be improved by introducing better and faster-hosting provider.

  • Infuse videos

One way for improved web conversion is to use videos. These are highly attention-grabbing than text and images and keeps user engaged for a significant number of time. All you are required to do is to come up with a powerful video. By using tools such as animations, audio, music, or perhaps narration and vibrant colour can be of assistance for creating a fabulous engaging video. Also, the freelancing video designers can provide us with our desirable website on a small budget. This practice is highly beneficial for reduction of bounce rate.

  • Side readability

Another way that significantly contributes to the enhancement of web conversion and reduction of bounce rate is the site readability. It is one of the aspects that become a part of the business ignorance. Whether your website is being assessed by the desktop or mobile it should be readable on both. You also need to make sure that all the content and parts of the websites are beautifully arranged which the choice or colour and fonts determine it.

  • Avoid popup

Most dreaded and hated task the user’s face is to close the pop-up tabs. The pop up of the most irrelevant is found irritating by users. It is one of the reasons why most of the users deviate from our site and never return resulting in high bounce rate. It provides the bad user experience. If you are still planning to incorporate these include well designed pop up that provide some information to the user which improves web conversion.

These are the ways that could assist you in boosting your web conversion and reducing your bounce rate. Try to be consistent, some ways might produce comparatively swift results and some might take time. The more you satisfy your users, the more your site audience will grow resulting in increased traffics.

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