How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

Advertising or marketing is a key factor through which the goods and services spread in the market. Without advertising or marketing of a product or services, people will never get to know about the good and services available in the market for sale which will lead to no profits for the manufacturing industries.  If there will be no buyer in the market, there will be no product that is why marketing of goods and services is very important for both, buyers and consumers. The main task of companies is to market their product as much as they can targeting a large number of people so that their product can be known in the public, that is why media marketing is the most effective and advanced marketing because it is accessible to everyone. One of the most famous forms of marketing is social media marketing in which websites of social media which are used every day by millions of people can see the marketing and advertisements of products through the internet, one of the most famous websites is Facebook.

Facebook gives the opportunity to people for advertisements of their product and assures that people using the social media witness the marketing. This article discusses the method of creating an advertising campaign can be successful on Facebook.

Outlining the Advertisement:

Planning is the first key to an advertisement campaign. Facebook offers the opportunity for marketing but it can also charge you a lot of the marketing is done without any planning. To have results of your advertisement campaign, you need to answer some of the questions which will help Facebook management team to target the people which can benefit you, questions like the objective for Facebook advertising like increasing sales for e-commerce stores, spreading the name and goodwill of the business or increasing the number of subscribers to your blog, Facebook team asks about the permanent website to increase the user traffic on, asks for the email list so that it can have an idea of kind of people you want to target to.

Marketing Strategies:

Facebook offers three kinds of marketing strategies through which your product or service can be advertised:

Content marketing:

Facebook makes an advertisement of your content, making it attractive and eye-catching using strategies to make people curious about your product, and post those advertisements with the link of your websites on people’s newsfeed so that when people browse Facebook; your ad comes on their wall.

Target people on your email list:

As Facebook ask for the email list you want to target, if you choose this kind of advertising form, Facebook will send messages to everyone included in the email list when they open and browse their accounts on Facebook.

Retargeting website visitors:

Facebook has introduced an app with the name of the Facebook pixel, which helps you to target those people which visited your website.

These strategies help in the marketing of goods and services greatly, and these strategies can also be mixed with each other like using the content marketing as phase one, then targeting people in the mailing list and then retargeting the people which visited the website. The structure of Facebook campaign contains three levels which are a campaign, an advertisement set, and an advertisement.

Campaign Levels:

The first level which is campaign is the basis of your ad. At this level, you have to choose the main objective of creating awareness of your brand, consideration or a conversion. For example, if you want to run a retargeting campaign direct people on Facebook to your website, objective of conversion will be chosen.

Then strategies of sales are applied on the advertisement campaigns like offering discounts to first few buyers from the website, seasonal discounts, or “get one free” offer, which attracts buyers and increases the sale. Or you can also offer discount codes on the landing page of your website from Facebook which will also increase the traffic on your website. If you want people to take some action in support of your advertisement, conversion is the best objective you can choose from.

The second stage of your campaign structure is ad set, which instructs how your ad will run on Facebook. The most important factors on which your ad depends upon is on this stage which  specifies the audience it’s going to target, which interests of people its going to target and it sets the age scale to target specific audiences so that the general target of the campaign can be set and it will increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Targeting Audiences:

The last stage of your advertisement campaign where you finalize your campaign is selecting the campaign structure at the ad level. This is the stage where you get to choose the format of your ad and set the creativity of your ad which includes features like images, videos, news feed text and content, URL, display link text and a Call -To -Action (CTA) button. Advertising strategy results in what your ad will look like and how it will target the people. The Video Views objective enables you to only choose video form of the ad and local awareness objective doesn’t allow you to choose canvas style, except these two objectives, another advertising objective gives you the option to select from five different ad format which are a carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, and canvas.

Facebook can be a brilliant way to market your product targeting audiences according to your desire increasing the potential of sales on e-commerce and increasing the traffic on your website, but it is important to plan the marketing strategies and understanding the terms and conditions of Facebook for advertising.

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